Watch America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 16 - America's Got Talent launched their exciting 16th season, as we know this show simultaneously searching for the best talents out there.

Here is the recent summary of their season according to

From 70,000 nationwide auditions, the judges advanced the top 108 acts to Las Vegas to compete head to head for a spot in the Top 48. On their way to Las Vegas, the Judges reviewed the audition tapes and divided the contestants into 3 groups. Not all groups that were shown to have passed the preliminary auditions were shown in the Las Vegas Week episodes.

Those in "Group A" were referred to as "the judges' favorites," and performed on Day 1 of Las Vegas.

Those in "Group B", were not seen as favorites and were declared "standby acts." These acts performed for 11 remaining spots after Group A.

The auditions of the "Group C" acts were declared by the judges to be the best and these acts moved on to compete in the live shows directly without performing in Las Vegas.

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