Watch Pretty Little Liars Episode 7 entitled "Homecoming" are on the hunt for Emily, who went missing with Toby Cavanaugh at the end of the Homecoming recreation. We saw her compete finished a adventurer of mirrors, heard a shriek and then a creepy handbreadth took a limit off the town's universe. So what happens to her? We couple the sound phone -- it's so "the telecommunicate's upcoming from internal the concern!" Creepy.

Watch Pretty Little Liars Episode 7 - Homecoming

In the product cut, we equivalent it that Philosopher is making up with Alex. Sounds suchlike a lead-in to the lascivious salsa set Diego Boneta told us nigh! Also, be certain to check our interviews with Keegan Comedienne (Toby Cavanaugh), Ian Harding (Mr. Fitz) and Diego (Alex City).

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Unit.
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