Santa's helper Halloween costumes for me is the most unique costumes this Halloween season just because Halloween season must include the costumes about Vampires, Frankenstein, horror pumpkins, witch and many more but instead Christmas costumes are in presence. By the way if you are interested in purchasing a brand new Santa’s helper this year free to visit Santa's helper Halloween costumes website in

Below are the few details about this costume:

As Santa's helper this year, you'll be fit to fill anyone's stocking and light anyone's tree with your elf magic. This authentic Christmas elf costume will keep any child's imagination and dreams alive when they hear the tinkle of bells only a Christmas elf would be jingling and ringing, as they run and skamper around Santa to prepare the way for the sleigh and the surprises. This shiny, soft luscious elf costume is equipped with a green satin tunic with pointed edges and bells that dangle from the tips and from the three quarter length sleeve edges, too. The red satin collar matches the green tunic with its triangular edges and dangling, musical jingle bells. A matching satin hat with another – you guessed it – jingle bell dangles playfully from the head, and a wide Santa style belt straps around the middle. A pair of black opaque tights, and the perfect pointed pair of elf shoes from our many options in the accessories section will finish off your spirited elf ensemble with enthusiasm, and if you add a walking stick with a handkerchief bag tied to the end, or a magically enchanted cane, you'll have the perfect prop for any festively fabulous elf.

The product price is $89.95 and it’s the best outfit which can easily attracts children nearby when you wear it.
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