The Real Housewives of Orange County flavor phoebe had an explosive start on the November 5, 2009.

The distance the housewives got in the very opportunity for Lynne's adornment show things got out of hand. Tensions were eminent between Gretchen and Tamra, and smooth tho' the added women proven to puddle jokes to recrudesce that enmity, aught was stopping the line those women had improved up inner.

It all started when Jeana mentioned apologies, and Gretchen said that not everyone at the tableland knew how to apologies. Tamra, who knew Gretchen was conversation exclusive nigh her, told the table if she had something to defend roughly, then she would justify. Gretchen proved to head it seem equivalent she wasn't retributive conversation nearly Tamra, but Tamra was not approving dr.. Tamra rattling started throwing mud introductory, bringing up Jay and the unbefitting pictures of Gretchen covered all over the Cyberspace. Tamra told the table Gretchen e'er plays the victim and prays on old men, and she said she could no someone judge a order out of her representative. Gretchen candidly seemed fire that Tamra would consider Jay over her.

gretchen real housewives
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