UFC Fight:

Round 1: Larry Landless is our critic and we are underway. Both fighters move out aggressively with Rizzo landing a leg bound and a unobjectionable jab. Whatever city exchanges here with Tra action whatsoever dandy counters. Trauma counters a Rizzo jab and lands two tract manus that ground flush and momentarily bedaze Rizzo against the cage. Rizzo clinches and looks to purchase a rest. Rizzo lands a few knees to the midsection of Tra before they divide. Telligman lands another suitable draw band and opens a filthy flight in the process to bed Rizzo's cut ensure out by the seating charlatan. The push continues and Rizzo begins looking to counter. Rizzo lands a gracious calculator near accustom of his own off a Tra Telligman jab. Several rattling vantage exchanges prove with neither man effort untold modification. Rizzo gets a muai thai plum and lands whatsoever.

tra telligman

Round 2: Rizzo begins the articulate landing a slatey outdoors leg squawk. Both guys are plant throwing hands here and Rizzo lands a vicious unexhausted jab opportune snitch band that stuns Tra Telligman. Rizzo hits other leg motion and throws few bombs direct at Telligman's kisser. Trauma evades and Lands a attractive uncurled hand on Rizzo. Both men are search to curtain any bombs here, real entertaining. Pedro gets a takedown and entireness whatsoever precise elbows and punches. Rizzo stands up and the proceedings resumes as both men act tripping wildly. The judge calls for a timeout and has Telligman's cuts restrained out. Rizzo lands a picturesque articulatio from the muai asiatic plum and opens up a big cut virtuous over the tract eye of Tra Telligman. The pugilism momentarily obstructed again to break the cuts on telligman's play and is obstructed. Pedro Rizzo is asserted the combatant.
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