Do you hear about Big Bang, then Wil Wheaton is a god among nerd will rock the Sheldon's World I guess. Why did I say I guess? Just take a gaze below the answer:

Any geek worth his/her collection of multi-colored lightsabers knows that
where there is a Wil there is a way to redeem ones own faltering

Hmmm, sounds interesting right. Well, Wil Wheaton is a science fiction star as the most conscious type young Wesley Crusher who became one of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movie. Wheaton is recently writing for the Dungeon & Dragons magazine "Dungeon".

Wil Wheaton, Big Bang

It happens that tonight will be the launching of the episode of Big Bang featuring Sheldon and Wil Wheaton. This episode happened when Sheldon make a decision to make a revenge on the geek, nerd god, after Wheaton failed to show up for his signature signing.
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