Maple Leaf Foods summons a contest which you can win a brand new kitchen makeover worth $32,000. You could win also Frigidaire Fridges which supplied with fresh Maple Leaf Prime Original icy chicken plus an extra $500 discount offered by Frigidaire. If you want to join this contest all you have to do is to click the button named enters the contest, then you have the chance to win a brand new kitchen makeover. Apparently this contest is open only to all Canadian residents who are willing to join and win a brand new kitchen makeover. The website of Maple Leaf is an interesting and professional website that offers unique, attractive and cool appliances. If you willing to visit in the Market place you have an opportunity to meet the Butcher, the Pasta Maker and the Baker. My friend said that the Pasta Maker was a lady. For all the Canadian residents, don’t hesitate to ignore this kind of contest because you can’t only win an exciting kitchen makeover, you can also enhance you creative skills in the world of cooking within the matter of time and minutes.

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