The latest tour of Lady Gaga has been cancelled without a valid reason. But the fact that Live Nation stated the in Wednesday the concert will be held but in Thursday they withdraw their announcement.

lady gaga tour cancelled

Recently there some rumors spread toward the internet about Lady Gaga was going to choke on the "Fame Kills" Tour look below:

HOW THIS RUMOR GOT STARTED: The hip-hop gossip site ran an “exclusive” report
saying that GaGa was “likely to dump Kanye” yesterday:
just learned of an EXPLOSIVE REPORT!!! Word is that Kanye West and Lady Gaga’s
much anticipated tour may be called off. According to an extremely reliable
source who is close to Ye, the tour may be can cancelled - with an announcement

What happened, you ask? It’s not yet clear -
all we know is that it’s LADY GAGA who wants out, not Kanye!!!

the final decision to pull out hasn’t yet been made, but we’re told that it’s
likely to come down AS EARLY AS TOMORROW!!! We’re gonna have to stay tuned to
this to see how it turns out.

But right now NO OTHER NEWS SOURCE in
the world is reporting this - not TMZ, not MTV, not E News or People Mag. When
the news breaks, and we EXPECT that it will, we hope that the folks over at
those mags give - the most VISITED URBAN WEBSITE IN THE WORLD -
the credit for our reporting

Well, no announcement has come “tomorrow”
(today) yet, but MediaTakeOut’s report has been Xeroxed by a bunch of other news
outlets of varying repute, including the Twitter account of the overemployed
Seacrest. The only confirmation of anything is a quote from Live Nation saying
that Kanye will be on the tour, which is sort of the definition of a non-denial

KNOCK IT TO ITS KNEES, BABY: There’s something about all
this that makes me want to call BS on it. First of all, anyone who regularly
pals around with Perez Hilton has a pretty high tolerance for shenanigans. And
when was the last time you heard a MediaTakeOut-fueled rumor that was based in
anything resembling fact? It’s not like they’re all that stringent when it comes
to checking sources, y’know. (Note also that said story isn’t even leading the
site anymore—if this was such a huge exclusive, wouldn’t the pixel-pushers over
there still be trumpeting it?)

One thing that is important to note:
In St. Louis, where tickets go on sale this week, the highet ticket prices have
been lowered from $127 to $99.50 (before service charges). Could this be yet
another publicity stunt for the jaunt, which might be suffering from
recession-depressed sales—and which has as its headliners two music stars who
people still care enough to spread rumors about? Pa-pa-pa-possibly.
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