Elizabeth Smart confessed that she often grasp off and raped her 3 to 4 times a day without a hesitation she kept her by binding her up with a cable wire around her leg and terrorize to kill her if she want to flee. This man which she is accusing for is Brian Mitchell.

Elizabeth Smart raped
When Elizabeth ask by the prosecutor to illustrate Brian Mitchell, do you want to know the response of Elizabeth, she simply response:

"Evil, wicked, manipulative, stinky, slimy, greedy, selfish, not spiritual,
not religious, not close to God."

Remembered that Elizabeth is being abducted in the middle of the night when she is 14 years old in her room. She is pity.

The culprit Brian Mitchell lawyers stated to the court that the evidence is establish on their religious confused and writings which includes the 27 manifesto pages which he called "The Book of Emmanuel David Isaiah."

But in nine months Mitchell appears to be confused that's why Smart swears:
"He was a very capable, intelligent human being."

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