Here is the fans point of view in Kimbo Slice which he loss against Roy Nelson in their first round season ten tournament and ordered particulary:

1. He has been getting the majority of the camera time throughout the first two
episodes and I have watched every season of TUF and usually when a fighter is
about to lose they give him more airtime than normal, because that will be the
last time they are relevant on the show is right before they lose.

There had already been rumours circling by supposedly someone claiming to be Wes
Sims who leaked information that Kimbo got knocked out in the first round of the
tournament. This would make perfect sense, since his first opponent is Roy
Nelson who is a bonafied knockout artist. Also Kimbo would not lose credibility
by losing to the former IFL Heavyweight champ, which is why Dana probably was in
the ear of Rashad to pick this fight instead of a fighter with no name
recognition to go against Slice.

3. Information was also leaked online
that Roy Nelson fights Jon Madsen for the title of the Ultimate Fighter. If this
is true then that would mean Kimbo got beat by Roy Nelson in the opening round.
I hope it is not true, because judging from his first fight Jon is strictly a
wrestler and he is too small for heavyweight, so if he won then he will
definitely pull a Rashad and drop to Light-Heavyweight. Junie Browning said it
best "that's all the UFC need is another boring wrestler," and the
light-heavyweight division needs NO MORE FIGHTERS at the moment!!! The UFC needs
Heavyweights and a whole lot of them.

4. If you watch the first
installment of "The Aftermath" on Tiki Ghosn gives his opinion about
coaching Kimbo and basically says Kimbo doesn't know anything other than how to
punch, then I swear it looks like the UFC paid him to say “As the season goes on
you will see some pretty impressive stuff from him." The manner he said it in
was very reluctant/hesitant and it almost looks like he was about to leak some
information, but quickly corrects him self. You can view the video at
and watch Tiki's part at about 5:44 in to it.

5. It has already been
announced and confirmed that Kimbo will be fighting in the UFC at some point,
and supposedly it is at the finale. Ask yourself why would they announce this
already if he is not out of the tournament? Diversion, I think not and here's
why, have they ever done that before? Hell No! They usually wait until the very
last episode has aired to announce any fights for the finale.

For us
Kimbo fans out there I hope this is not true, unfortunately all signs point to
him losing to Roy Nelson and if not Roy losing this thing in general. I would
love to be wrong about this since I am a die-hard Kimbo fan, and so all the
Kimbo haters would finally give the man some respect. Even if he did win the
whole thing though, the majority of the internet trolls and flamers that have
nothing better to do with their lives than to belittle and degrade fighters;
would still find a flaw someway and would continue spreading hate in this world
through there childish immature and bias opinions.

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