The past weekend is full of joy for me because I purchased a brand classic Herringbone cardigan for my girlfriend because I received a $500 gift cards from Talbots. Apparently I’m not good when it comes in choosing an outerwear but when I went to Talbots and make a purchase. My girlfriend stares at me closely and said “Where did you find this outerwear it’s beautiful I like it, I think I love you even more” and then she smiled at me even though she was angry at me. It was a great relief for me.

Below is the Herringbone cardigan which I’d purchase which retails for a cheap price of $99, which is a perfect match for the black handy bag. I’m sure that this will be a fun fashion outerwear for all women out there; it is such an eye catching with its classic jacquard print honors with 3 quarter raglan sleeves:

Herringbone CardiganAfter all I’ve never expected that Talbots can provide a quality and a fun fashion outerwear for all women. It brings confident to a woman who wears this kind of fun fashion outerwear that’s why the woman at the back of red chair confessions video was enthusiastic. If you want to view the videos then just ride on Talbots fun and exciting new blog.

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