CLICK HERE TO WATCH. At last the most awaited comedy singing series of today's generation is about to launch within a minute tonight so stay tune right over here and make a crunch of popcorn and a bunch of pizza's cause I bring you to the premiere episode.

Glee Season 2 premiers September 21 on Fox and we will surely be enjoying Season 2, perhaps even more than Season 1. The bitter rivals join forces to combat a more fearsome enemy at the school plus Glee Season 2 offers a lot more of guest stars and special episodes.

After the season 1 of Glee is been ended many rumors come out that the international sensation Charice Pempengco will be part of the casting of Glee season 2. As all we know that Charice is been first seen in the Americas greatest talk shows of Oprah and Ellen Degeneres show and became the stars all over the world. If you just didn’t know yet charice will she can sing and have a powerful voice. A few days after she is been confirmed in her twitter account that she got to audition and luckily she is in.

This is make the casting of the glee is been change in the season 2 and she ruled as foreign student in the glee club. It is been said that Charice have been a different role in the glee that he test against Rachel Berry. But the new face of intrigues is been facing by Charice after the news in one television channel in the Philippines that she got a Botox in her face that is been made by the Dr. Vicky Belo one of the famous doctors of the different artist in the Philippines. These news is been spread all over the world in the internet and also in the different magazines in the world. After the news is been spread out many rumors is been released that the script of Charice id been changed because she comes from a surgery but she did her best in the said television series.
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