Paul Mccartney White House - Show opens some stirring words from Obama. "It's hard to believe that it is almost half a century since then, four guys from Liverpool, landed on our shores, change everything overnight," he thought. Then it was time for a cavalcade of stars, young and old, in honor of the extensive back-catalog that McCartney received this award.

Paul Mccartney White House

Highlights were in abundance. Stevie Wonder super-hard "We can It Out" signs mean harmonica solo, and Elvis Costello in good faith perky "Penny Lane", boasted even better solo piccolo trumpet work. Emmylou Harris shone on the acoustic "For No One". Dave Grohl was wearing the biggest smile of the night when he defeated "Band On The Run". Tenders Jack White "Son of Mother Nature's" / "It is a" potpourri McCartney recorded are somewhat dreamy charm.
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