Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere Countdown - At last Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere will be tonight and you what it would be the greatest season of Jersey Shore ever.With the premiere venues in the country you can not wait to see Snookie eat fried pickles and see who hooks this year. The MTV is airing again runs all day and it is difficult to get pre-Jersey Shore jitters.

"I'm happy for people to see the second season. It is 1000 times more dramatic, and a total of only 1,000 times better than the" Jersey Shore "1," said an enthusiastic JWoww MTV News. "More drama, make-up, separations, fights, and all were very close as a family, it is easy is just crazy. "The cast is very concerned about the premiere excited and take the time to shoot season 3.

Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere Countdown

"Have you seen Season One, you know what happens there!" The state said. "The second season is so much drama. There are so many more connections, make-up, separation, the whole nine, and you will certainly love the second season. Sit back and relax You can see how we celebrate! "

Set your DVR if you will not be home tonight at 10pm, and if your going to be home, get your popcorn and your friends in a room with a TV and enjoy all the GTL and fist pump, you will get.

Jersey Shore Season 2 Premiere Video is available below, so watch it right away:
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