Los Angeles Earthquake July 7 2010. Cal Tech Seismic Analyst Anthony Guarino reports that the fault of the earthquake was in San Jacinto, one of the defects in the glass is 7.2 degrees of the scale (originally designed to measure 6.9) located at the US-Mexico border earlier this year. On a hill above the neighborhood in downtown Port-au-Prince, Jean Gardy Dadi Mathurin and in turn sway the masses and pickaxes to the ruins of a house collapsed blocks. They heard rumors that the remains of two children, lost the Jan. 12 earthquake, are buried deep under the pile, and every swing brings the prospect of the gruesome discovery. But this is not the goal here.

Los Angeles Earthquake July 7 2010

Over the last 18 days, the two men were part of the crew 21-person hired to carry debris from the ruins. It is a heavy task, and - with a salary equivalent to $ 5 a day - not very profitable one.
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