As of now where are in the period in a less than 24 hours of Lebron James Bound to New York Knicks, where he signed to play basketball. ESPN special, held tomorrow night at 21:00 ET, will be held in Greenwich, Connecticut, Boys and Girls Club of America.

Greenwich Tilslut tilfældigvis naked so that the placement of a træningslejr for the Knicks in New York. I can not help but think that this factor alone is enough to solidify that LeBron James will sign with the New York Knicks. To hold a news conference in Greenwich, Conn., and has not signed with the Knicks, in my opinion, an insult to all other NBA teams - most of all the Knicks themselves. The Knicks have had this player in LeBron James, but now it seems unlikely, and an official of the Eastern Conference, said James will go to Cleveland or Miami. Tony Parker, the rumor going the Knicks, but it looks like he won t'arrive. Raymond Felton is a measure of the Knicks, but it is just not a playmaker high level. Monta Ellis, however, could work so well.

Lebron James Bound to New York Knicks

It would be a disappointing offseason for the Knicks, if they don'get a second star, but he is a player who may yet save the next season and can perfectly fit the Mike D'Antoni de l' up-tempo-system.
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