Tila Tequila naked Ustream video was broadcast live whippy online in the area of the night. Tila was overt and ranting some different things including Shawne Merriman choking her. She accused Merriman of sleeping with younger girls. Tila goes on to say
"He forces them to head drugs, so he can sleep with these younger girls"

Tila addressed to her haters saying that:
People call me an attention w***e ... or whatever ... but excuse me, I'm a grown a-- woman and I'm confident in myself ... I think a woman's body is a beautiful thing ... that's why I'm a lesbian ... I was born naked ... anybody who is against that is gay and in denial.", TMZ reported.

Watch Tila Tequila Ustream Video

Do you agree to her? Then who knows that is her opinion. We are different opinions in our life. But in reality her ustream video is being spreading through the net. If you want to watch Tila Tequila ustream video then use your goggling skills or yahoo skills to look for it. If you want her video then this is the link: http://tinyurl.com/yawp5x3
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