Ha, Miley Cyrus tour bus crash? Recently, one of Miley Cyrus' turn buses crashed in hobnailed Virginia. The object was carrying individual members of Miley's staff and creation bunch but not the singer herself. The driver of the bus is gone and one of the crew members was dispatched to the hospital.

Miley Cyrus Bus Crash.There are all sorts of tragedies that are inherently even to pitching punishment (overdoses, car crashes, creation accidents and the equivalent), but there jazz been far too some incidents involving circuit buses. It shouldn't be shocking, as they are unruly mammoths unnatural to press bumptious (unremarkable in the middle of the dark) over all variety of terrain for hours and hours at a instance. They're problematical to palm and sticky for different drivers to deal with. It's good that Miley is not in the bus.

Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Crash
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