Paul Watson, chairman of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a Canadian animal protector, honorable environmentalist and devoted to the marine conservation. He stated that,
"we’ll be using it to intercept and block harpoons”. This will be an extremely helpful tactic, considering that the Japanese whalers have a “thing" for explosive harpoons".

Paul Watson

Japan also hunts in what are questionable to be fortified whale and sea chronicle sanctuaries; fortified by the IWC at that. Change many undignified is the way the Asian attempted to invoke to the International Whaling Delegacy, stating the Steve Irwin board endangered their lives in the Confederate Ocean finally gathering (where one of the sanctuaries is placed). "We cannot tolerate much temerity," Jun Yamashita-a Asian empowerment member-told the certificate. "We ask for all expedient measures, including a ban on the board from leaving embrasure, so that we can foreclose these book from beingness repeated." It seems to me they retributory need to be competent to do their black whaling stints without existence low timekeeper or under criticism.
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