The huge event will come in the world of boxing between Mayweather and Marquez fight in September 19, 2009 which also the fight that can made a huge impact on entire world of boxing. But before that fight, you need to know a certain secret of Marquez which him a so-called “Dinamita” which means bomb. But somehow Marquez revealed his secret, do you know what, his secret which he made good results and make him a better fighter is, drinking his own urine?

This is Marquez stated about drinking his own urine: “I think that this has helped me. I’ve done it for the last five or six fights with good results, I also drink my urine because that’s where a lot of proteins and vitamins are, part of your vitamin intake, and why not drink them again instead of wasting them,”

Hooo, it’s so idiotic that a certain person which known as a best fighter was able to do that.

Mayweather vs Marquez fight

Marquez stated that he’s the one that can bring down Mayweather so do you need a proof then watch the fight Mayweather vs Marquez in September 19, 2009 on MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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