doug giles

Do you want to see the photo of Doug Giles then take a gaze the above photo. Doug Giles reported recently in the headlines who is the father of Hannah Giles (ACORN video fame).

Doug Giles in his attitude in Clash Radio, Clash Church and the Bulldog which is recently reported that the father of ACORN videos which is the hottest trends previously LALATE has revealed to the public over the past weeks.

Doug Giles bio was read below:

Senior Pastor Doug Giles communicates in a way that speaks to today’s culture.
Doug focuses on how to apply Christ’s teachings to our lives so we each can
experience God’s incredible purpose each and every day.

Besides his
responsibilities as Senior Pastor of Clash Church in Aventura, Florida, Giles is
also the creator and host of the multiple national and international
award-winning radio show,

In addition, Giles writes a
weekly column that is read worldwide on, one of the nation’s
largest and most esteemed news sources. Subsequently, his articles have been
taken up by several other print and online news sources, and he is an irregular
guest on both major television news programs and syndicated talk radio shows.

As far as other obsessions are concerned, Doug is into hunting and
fishing, oil painting, mountain biking and a bunch of other things that
incorporate running, screaming, yelling and potentially breaking bones with his
family and friends.

Giles has been married for 18 years to Mary Margaret
Raia, and they have two teen-age daughters.

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