I’m a big fan of Monster Rancher but even making a cake design, what a cake right. Food Networks expert of cake Chef Duff showed off an artistic astonishing cake which they made together with his team. They created this kind of cake to help the Mythic’s popular MMORPG, Warhammer on the net. In the picture below it looks scary like I thought it looks like a Monster Rancher but this art of cake is designed after the familiar Warhammer Online creature shown in the internet which is the Squig.

In the interview, Chef Duff says:
“It’s coming up. We made a cake of a monster called Squig from a video game called Warhammer for a video-game convention. This thing was about the size of large sheepdog. It was gigantic. It was a humongous cake balanced on two legs.”

The amazing Squig show will be aired tonight at 10 PM EST only on Food Network Channel.

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