dj am

The celebrity disc jockey DJ AM was found dead, Friday night within his New York City condo, media news says drug kit was found besides his lifeless body. What the hell happened to him besides there was drug paraphernalia besides him. Hmmm it makes sense right. DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) was a DJ who performed at Hollywood’s most elite social gatherings. He was a great DJ with an enchanting routine and high sense of romances. The Paramedics had to smash down the entrance door to his condo in Manhattan before they found out his lifeless body about 5:20 p.m. The police investigator concluded that there was no proof of foul play. DJ AM recently been a talking stuff of his past addictions to ecstacy, cocaine and other drugs, but he stated that he stopped using drugs for years.

A close friend of DJ AM informed the about this:

"Adam never did drugs before this, and he didn't even drink," the friend told "He didn't like forming an attachment to substances. He never wanted to be out of control and he took his work too seriously to party. ... Friends are absolutely shocked. If its true this was totally not in his nature. One friend just saw him this week and said he seemed pretty normal."

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