Another ninja time again for us tonight cause Dexter will be launch its 3rd pilot episode entitled "Practically Perfect".


Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 was entitled, Practically Perfect. However, if you stopped reading from here, that could leave you hanging around about the possible things to happen. According to online reviews, Dexter will look for a nanny just for the extra-curricular activities of Harrison, hiring someone which could help him to organize his time as well to continue his hobby every evening.

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Although for now, we cannot totally determine what will going to happen with that probably unlucky person to join the family circle of Dexter. Will he going to kill her too? We can't find any reason for him to do that because somehow, the man is currently on his adjustment stage after the death of Rita. He need to accept new things needed by his family because he is the only person that could bring a brighter future for his kids later.

On the other side, Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 - Practically Perfect, new rookie detective will join Debra to solve a double-homicide case assigned on her. That person might join the rest of the gang working on the side of authorities, another hindrance for Dexter to continue his lifestyle. Although nobody knows what he is doing, his victim and those bunch of case will remain untouchable as long that he need to stay on the safe sides.

In Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 - Practically Perfect, Quinn is about to make a little comparison about those stuff that can be considered similar to the main character of the story. Remember Kyle Butler, the alias that appeared in Trinity Killer case which is getting close to a certain discovery later if Dexter failed to make a certain moves that will drive them out of the issue.

The previous episode of Dexter Season 5 was entitled "Hello Bandit", a mind bending story came over on this plot last week but somehow, to remember those scenes, the family of Dexter needs to make a big adjustment along with his three son. The closest woman offered them a new home, an apartment complex that will bring a new way of life for them and on this evening episode, a new person is about to join them again.

However, Debra needs to kept her privacy. Although it is difficult, she also needs to adjust on a certain things that come around on her place. That might be the consequence of letting a new small family join her private life.

Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 - My Bad shows that Dexter needs to accept the reality about of what happened to Rita. Although it is hard for the first time, he need to move on to the next challenge that will come to his own life rather than making a great noise that could open up the entire things that happened on the previous season. It is good to hear that the man was still on his right way, felt a little guilt about the case that struck her own family.

For now, you can visit the above given link to check the online video of Dexter Season 5 Episode 3 - Practically Perfect for a chance to watch it online. Don't missed this evening episode and enjoy watching!
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