It's a nice ninja time again guys, I'm sure you are eager to watch this episode in high definition streams today. So what are you waiting for rock n roll now.


Now, time to move on with the third episode, co-gleeks! Save some space for your Ipod because we'll be listening to a great line up of songs, such as "Losing My Religion", "Papa, Can You Hear Me?", "One of Us", "I Look to You", "Only the Good Die Young" and "Bridge over Troubled Water".

Glee Season 2 Episode 3

Kurt, having his own problem to deal with, faces a new crisis in his life. Friends have significant role to play this time with Kurt's crisis issue. Mercedes who is also a devoted friend to him, will take him to her church. What's nice about this season is that it doesn't only focuses on the gigantic talents of each glee club's members but also plays tribute to the importance of the one Creator who is the source of all creations.

Glee Season 2 Episode 3 - Grilled Cheesus is available online or in megavideo, Well, I think this will be the most controversial episode of the series, as it will enlighten the spiritual and emotional importance of God to the characters. Mike O'Malley, who plays Kurt's father Burt, commented that this episode will be a cascade of emotions, especially developing the father- son relationship.

Stand out performances include Mercedes singing her favorite artist/ singer Whitney Houston's "I Look to you", Rache, on the other hand, sings Barbra Streisand for another way around with a moving cover of "Papa, Can You Hear Me?". Puck, with his melancholic voice and looks charming with his guitar sings Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young", and lastly, the boy with the latest new crisis to face, Kurt sings the Beatles' "I want to Hold Your Hand." I'm pretty sure that the Glee fanatics' out there have presumptions regarding this episode.
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