It was obviously a rematch of the UFC 112 battle, B.J. Penn planned to retrieve his post title from Frankie Edgar.

Alternatively Frankie Edgar showed that they is legitimate and the she has the solution for "the Prodigy".

B.J. Penn chased Frankie Edgar across the wire dog crate throwing and landing punches before Edgar took him down. B.J. was quickly dominant in shield and was escaping to Edgar's back but couldn't get her own defeat. Back for the feet, Penn arrived having a left as Edgar danced laterally and fired punches. Edgar took him down with a big slam, but Penn quickly got in to his toes. Then Edgar got yet another defeat. With the finish from the round, Penn was sluggish and Edgar's multitude activity knocked in. I'm sure one you guys didn't watch it due to your busy transactions then you can watch this fight replay video right HERE. Enjoy Watching Guys.

Watch UFC 118: Edgar vs Penn 2 Replay Video

In the second, Penn arrived multiple jabs before Edgar golf shot in and got him down. Penn rapidly struggled back to his paws. Then they bought and sold with Edgar's fast footwork curbing the battle.

The 3rd was a lot more of the identical. Edgar shifted in and out and taken refuge on the champ. Penn sprawled on a take straight down but or else could not do much to Edgar. Frankie arrived a vast wide variety of attacks, superbly mixing up his varied punches with leg techinques and elbows. He landed to the legs, body and head.

Going into the fourth all people knew that Penn had to finish to win the fight.

B.J. Penn then took Edgar lower and gone for the kill. Edgar handled themselves and steered clear of to his foot. Edgar decreased Penn with a knee trip and plonked elbows on the ground. Penn worked rubber safeguard from his again. Then Edgar fled and proved helpful the ground and pound on Penn with tough punches from the leading. Penn got back again up and once again Edgar outscored him status.

By the commencing of the fifth around, Penn had to be desperate. He immediately chance in for the take down. They scrambled through a staggering series of trades ahead of Edgar landed in Penn's guard. From there Frankie landed elbows and punches and Penn wasn't able to work much off his back.

The B.J. Penn era of the lightweight division ended with a whimper, not a hammer.
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