Barack Obama's Birthday - President Obama became 49, without his family today, his wife and daughter, traveling abroad and his daughter to summer camp. But if the president will celebrate their big day without Michelle, Sasha and Malia, that'were many Americans, and wished him well (and both sides used the time to score political points).

The Democrats are gathering their supporters across the country, hosting hundreds of birthday to the president's honor. Democrats also takes a more traditional fundraisers frowned to the president's birthday. Meanwhile, the Republicans list"greeting"who pierces the side of the President.

Barack Obama's Birthday

Mr. Obama home in Chicago tonight to spend her birthday night at his home in the city's area of Hyde Park. With family in the city, the president would spend the night with friends.

Tomorrow, the DNC is on the way shares tribute to President's. Bidders real estate magnate Neil Bluhm is worth $ 30,400 on it. Obama is expected to attend the event in Chicago. Tickets for other fundraising Obama Birth DNC cost $ 250.
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