Alicia Keys Wedding Photos - Yeah!!! Alicia Keys wedding photography as a surprise yesterday. Of course, Alicia Keys still wedding photography Were's the largest wedding photography on weekends. These went to Chelsea Clinton, as her big ceremony, finally,
place on Saturday. But, although everyone knew it would link the site on Saturday, Keys and Swizz Beatz marital status were more in the air. However, after numerous rumors, but I've finally hitched on Saturday, leaving Alicia Keys wedding with all attention to himself today.

Couple has been together since late 2008 and announced that she had a child in May Then came the news, speculation was whether they are married, and when. Swizz Beatz denied that they were married on a yacht in the previous weekend, but she eventually married a week later.

Alicia Keys wedding photos are marked on the image of couple kissing after the"I's."Like Clinton, they were married in a private ceremony, in this case to the Mediterranean. Like Clinton, the keys wore Vera Wang, while the Greek inspired. Unlike Clinton, they have Dr. Deepak Chopra, to perform the ceremony.

Other pictures of Alicia Keys wedding is on the website TMZ and the Keys, though the two pages to set and the whole day. Like Internet users rushed to photos of Clinton marriage, they come to the ceremony to see Keys". Of course, they have less time to prepare for this piece of news.

It was a good time for secret ceremonies, as it turned out. Not only is Alicia Keys wedding photos before the wedding photographs and Tina and the Council. The whole weekend was dominated by marriage, and as planned in secret.

In the case of keys and Beatz, was already known that they would marry in the end. Superstar singer producer rapper only managed to date a secret, though close to guessing that last week. Beatz but denied that this would happen in the previous weekend, and also denied that he stepped in as the new manager of the keys'.
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