Watch Waterloo Road Season 5 Episode 19 Online - A brand new episode of Waterloo Road is currently released right now. You know what I haven't seen this series but some says that it is a great tv series to watch.

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Much of the series takes place at Waterloo Road Comprehensive, a fictional co-educational, community school which takes in students aged 11 to 18. At the opening of the series the school was notorious for being a "on the scrapheap" with poorly-behaved students and poor quality teachers, although it later passed its inspection to remain open. In series 3 it suffered a major fire and in series 4 it was demolished by a digger driven by the character Ralph Mellor.

The real life location for Waterloo Road Comprehensive is the former Hill Top Primary School in Kirkholt, Rochdale, England. As well as external shots, the internal views of the school used in the series have also been filmed inside Hill Top. Other locations used include areas in and around Rochdale and nearby Manchester.
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