Watch A Very Potter Sequel Musical - Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe prepares for his upcoming role in the Broadway musical "How to Succeed in Business ...,"but the musical Potter Verse are wanting to see right on the Great Way Blanco, s'on the Internet: "A very Potter sequel,"a parody made by fans musical written, produced and starred by Stark Team, a team from the University of Michigan students and graduates.

Stark twenties, most of whom met at UM's musical theater department became an Internet sensation last year when they uploaded their hilarious original production,' A \ Very Potter Musical "at YouTube friends and family see. What they thought they might reach a few hundred people in their extended social network has literally raised millions of times across the world of Harry Potter fans.

Watch A Very Potter Sequel Musical

Written by friends and colleagues at UM Harry Potter'\' fans Brian Holden, Matt and Nick Lang Lang (screenplay) and Darren Criss and AJ Homes (points), the musical, which became one of the videos viral, 2009, catapulted the young performers artists, especially those who played Harry (Darren Criss), Ron (Joey Richter) is Hermione (Bonnie thickness) and Draco (Lauren Lee, yes, Draco is played by a girl), to fandom a level of stardom that's only slightly lower than the real actor. Taking into account the response of the fan, which is `no surprise that the team collected and developed Starkad A very Potter sequel.'

If you are so exciting to watch this musical then just watch it below:
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