Mad Men Season 4 episode 1 is about to released tonight. In this season of Mad Men it is clear that Draper is not giving a great interview. How can it when it's so small, the idea that Don Draper is like me?

Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell and break the interview. (Unfortunately, you, Roger! Not so, Pete!) Journalist reveal a wooden leg, forcing Roger to launch another of his bizarre family stories, this is peglegged uncle. (Unfortunately, yes, strange tales of Sterling!)

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Sheraton trio saunters over, if they are part of the cattle call, pitching a family-friendly Portland Jantzen swimwear manufacturer. Jantzen boys (including the delightful Paul Bartholomew, UT later) is a tribute to Draper, who has apparently achieved the status of rock stars (not that such a position exists, in fact, in late 1964) TV movie from floor wax to Glo- coat. It doesn't fit. Don clearly thinks this"family" is a collection of bodies willing to tell their product salaciousness teeny-ino, and's looking forward to the big fish small fish of the world.

Watch Mad Men Season 4 Episode 1 - As of now feel free to see the preview of Mad Men Season 4 Episode 1:
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