Watch The Hills Season 6 Episode 12 Online right now: Entitled "Truth and Time Tell All. Series Finale find Kristin considering a significant change of life, while Audrina finally passes from Justin Lo and debates taking the next step with her boyfriend.

Hills Short description: This series follows Lauren Conrad and several of its wealthy friends to Los Angeles, California, and presents its new, but no less complicated life after leaving her house in Laguna BeachIn California, in an exclusive apartment complex in Los Angeles. Lauren struggles to balance her responsibilities as an intern with her life as a student, and her commitment to her boyfriend and her friends face similar conflicts between school, work, love, and nightlife.

Make sure to tune in to see what happened in the final Hills. Hills season finale is the most up to date and a hot topic and people are looking for at least several hours looking for people thinking about it.

Hills Season 6 Episode 12 Finale on MTV Online: The Hills Season 6 Episode 12 On July 13, 2010 at 10:00 PM, great Episode 12, Hills.

Watch Hills Season 6 Episode 12 Online - Series Finale - Hills Season 6 episode 12, which in the final series, aired on MTV in the night.
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