Watch Bleach 280 English Sub Spoilers - The Bleach 280 English Sub should be releasing soon as of now, but for all impatient supporters, you might be interested in knowing what would happen in this episode in advance. The latest episode of Bleach will be shown at 7:00 ET / PT on TV Tokyo. This episode is titled "Hisagi and girl, the Moment of Parting. The background story filled episode was last week was cut just at the time of the battle between Captain Komamura and girl were interrupted by Hisagi.

Watch Bleach 280 English Sub Spoilers

This is The Bleach 280 spoilers:

This episode will be melodramatic at best and nothing could possibly happen again. As you know, it's the first time Komamura and girl will meet ever since he left Soul Society. These guys have a lot of history together and they will spend this episode obtain and hate on each other rather than getting it on and beat each other up. Hisagi was the girl's former vice-captain and will cry with Komamura after they discover that the girl turned into a Vizard. Girl will take a bee-like hole and win the super speed and an all-embracing vision.

In the meantime, Hirako reveal Species of his Zanpakuto to Aizen. Hirako's Zanpakuto has the same effect as Aizen when the attacker Central Nervous System. Hirako Aizen will turn the world upside down and get one inch closer to beating him. Hache will discover crack in Barragán absolute power and defeat him, but not without sacrificing something.
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