Spain Celebrating World Cup 2010 - Casillas accepted the trophy of FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who was bundled in a scarf as temperatures dipped into the 40-years in this cold winter's night in the southern hemisphere. Casillas, called \ the World Cup's best goalkeeper, smooched the characteristic gold and raised it for all to see, while the cameras flashed, and confetti flew through the still-full stadium. Soon the entire team and staff in the midfield will be gathered for a team photo. The players returned to the top and bottom of the World Cup theme song, then took a victory lap when the trophy was passed to each member of the team. Together they kissed and hugged and held high to see the golden trophy for all the Soccer City and Africa and the world. The fatigue was now gone for Spain's player, replaced by the thrill of winning the World Cup in a long, long last.

Spain Celebrating World Cup 2010
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