National Ice Cream Day - In 1984, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States introduced the concept of marking the month of July as National Ice Cream month, he knew little in the years ahead, it would be so popular. The President declared the third Sunday of the national day of ice cream.

This year the festival reached a climax when the leading ice cream brand Baskin Robbins has announced that Pálné retiring five of the most popular flavors from the market to commemorate this date also coincides with the celebration of its 65th anniversary.

The flavors to be learned in Apple Pie a la mode (1976), Caramel Praline Cheese (1970), Super Fudge Truffle (2007), Apple Pie a la mode (1976) and, finally, the most famous French Vanilla has long been introduced in 1945 and has been a favorite ever since. All these falvors would be part of "freezing" of the community of retired sets all the flavors listed on the website.

A popular thought was the cause of celeberations that the answer lies in changing consumer tastes and the new change of space for the creation of introducing new flavors to be introduced.

The head of the main brand, Srinivas Kumar adds: "For decades, we have withdrawn some of our famous flavors of our freezer - like" Miami Ice "from 1980" Beatlenut "in 1960 - never, but before he went five flavors in the freezer at once. "(

Glassen borrowers who want to know more about the upcoming 65th Bash can find updates from Facebook and Twitter.
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