Lebron James Wears Jersey No. 6. As we all know, LeBron James filed papers to change his number back to 23-6 when he was still in Cleveland. But now that the teams that he is connected"that's irrelevant. But judging from the online store offers the NBA, James will be in June, when he joins the heat this fall. Election, James"number was confirmed by the South Florida Sun Sentinel's Ira Winderman. The number belonged to Mario Chalmers, but reports Winderman, wanted to move to 15, which he spent in Kansas any way, then everything get LeBron, as usual. Personally, I can't believe Miami unprecedented number Eddie Jones and a neat mustache. However, James wearing six avoids the strange scenario of him trying to use 23 in Miami, where renovated to Michael Jordan, because he is so awesome at basketball.

Lebron James Wears Jersey No. 6
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