Justin Bieber Hates North Koreans. The new rumor about Justin is all about his hatred to north Koreans, why is it that he hates korean? Justin Bieber attacks previously were not enough as of now, some online communities and jealous of his success has taken on new tactics to damage the reputation of Justin Bieber among adolescents. Communities such as 4chan, Ebaumsworld has been so obsessed with 4chan assault in its last tactic was to organize the survey in which Justin Bieber is the intention of visiting. For some time I realized it was something new and "Justin Bieber hate Koreans" rumor flying around. Although addressed to the North Koreans is clearly intended to provoke a reaction by Justin Bieber - where to go to North Korea or not. If you googled the term Koreans there is no one related to Justin Bieber's article.

Justin Bieber Hates North Koreans
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