The Wyoming Game and Fish Department of State has released a draft management plan for public review which aims to tackle the threat of invasive aquatic species such as zebra and quagga mussels.

In February, the agency announced an aggressive campaign to keep the two mussel species prolific waters of Wyoming.

Native mussels are the size of a fingernail and attach to anything under the water as boats, motors, springs, pipes and other structures. Once introduced, the authorities say are difficult and expensive to eradicate.

Casper Region Habitat and Access Supervisor Matt Pollock said a section of 100 meters from the access road washed away, causing a potential public safety problem. Therefore, the portion of the rear access road to the main car park is closed to vehicular traffic. However, all the access area is open to pedestrians traveling within the limits of the easement of 100 feet.

Athletes should use caution when walking near the shore when high water flows have or could cause an erosion of the banks exposed. Once that reduce high water flows, the department shall take steps to repair and reopen the road to full access.
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