An amazing event happened recently, in which a teen sailor named Abby Sunderland breaks the silence of the world when she makes it to sail around the world. But the story was this, when she given on a 40 foot, orange and yellow racing yacht named as “Wild Eyes.” She had been out on the ocean since January. She had received a lot of different criticisms on her journey from other sailors because her voyage was getting to be taking her into the Indian Ocean at the onslaught of the winter storm session. Abby Sunderland Route. It was serious, and she definitely knew that, but she was an received sailor boy who knew what she was coming on the ocean. She considered to be the most difficult part of her entire voyage, when she gone with her family during the storm.

Abby Sunderland Route

The video below was the route which Abby Sunderland takes part of:

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