50 Cent has his name is worth easier for the fall of the movie "Things Fall Apart", and a + 50 Cent 50 pounds is almost unrecognizable.

50 Cent Weight Loss. The Grammy-winning rapper seems to be a physical transformation deserves an Oscar with this role, he will be forced on the weight and muscular framework of past losses drop. He plays a football star, who was diagnosed with cancer, and he certainly has a style similar to a cancer patient.

The star was allegedly on a liquid diet 9-weeks and spent three hours per day on a Band 214-160 pounds. As for what I wanted, while his strict diet? Chili's Baby Back Ribs, according to U.S. Weekly.

Now that filming has wrapped and is back on tour, around the time some meat on the ribs and share the return!

50 Cent Weight Loss
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