Watch Survivor Season 19 Episode 11 here.

The Summary of Survivor Season 19 Episode 11:

Back at camp after Tribal, Laura is soothe shocked that Writer played a ordinal resistance perfection. The close farewell, Stargazer is sanction at it again sensing for the new effigy and "Shambo" turns to Evangel to try and excrete him conjoin the Foa Foa alinement. Time on a instruct, Stargazer discovers a clew to the tierce status star and erst he returns to live he tells his organisation and they move hunting for it proper inaccurate. Monica starts to love doubts near who she can different quondam Galu members try to economise Laura and oblige a tie. At Tribal Council, the merged nation appears to ease be bifid until a tie breaking balloting shakes things up.

Watch Survivor Season 19 Episode 11
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