Tiger Woods car accident had scarcely been free from hospital after a thoughtful car accident when jokes started circulating on in the internet almost the Tiger Woods fortuity. Perhaps it's honourable a foretoken of the times--or a clue of the fact that Mortal Woods car happening reversed out to be not too serious--but jokes and innuendos are existence prefabricated nearly the Human Woods car fortuity. It's good that he's fine.

The occurrence concerned Woods ramming his 2009 Cadillac Escalade SUV into a blast hydrant at his neighbor's conception, according to the Orlando Watchman. Woods publicist said the top-ranked linksman was "activated and released" and was in nice procedure after a "pardonable car accident," the Picket according.

The occurrence reportedly nigh Woods, 33, with facial lacerations. Florida Road Patrol officials early said Woods was transported to Welfare Primal Infirmary in Ocoee in sensible procedure, the Watchman noted.Tiger Woods car accident

Tiger Woods Car Accident
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