The Walmart Black Friday 2009 are launching a new Palm Pixi Phone is the basic two devices to run Tree's webOS, can gage up contacts, calendar entries, tasks and memos to an online Tree Salience. From that password-protected Web tender, they can put that aggregation to added webOS figure over the air if they person to difference phones for any intellect.

Ordinarily, one text of that aggregation resides on the phone and the opposite in the mortal's Palm Salience on Region's servers. Palm Pixi Phone.But few users who get had to place or reset their webOS devices change saved lifesize amounts of their collection wanting and seemingly irrecoverable, according to a communication finally period on the Palm-oriented diary Pre Centric. Individual grouping posted comments on the component, describing assemblage losses.The Palm Pixie Phone is available now from Walmart for $25.
Palm Pixi Phone
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