Who is Joseph Cao? Joseph Cao the one Politico who voted yes on the Domiciliate Democrats' welfare attention instrument?

Cao was premiere elected to Legislature in 2008 from the solidly-Democratic New Besieging order, success a sensational finish against Elective Rep. William Jefferson, who was then under indictment (and was afterwards convicted) on depravity charges. Over the instruction of his lifespan, he was a fry refugee from War, a former Religious student, and an professional.

Joseph Cao

Cao's order voted 75%-23% for Barack Obama in 2008, but Cao was competent to move President in a December election (held at that second because of the rescheduling of few Louisiana Congressional elections, due to a hurricane). Cao had held out on voting for this programme -- he is strongly pro-life and loved whole assurances that abortion would not be funded -- but his selection for exam passage, after the musculature of the Stupak Amendment, could relinquish him a positive greeting to recreation with his Elected constituents.
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