Chris Christie - a Republican late Unsegmented States professional who said he would vanquish dishonesty from the halls of New Jersey government, won the New Milcher governor's run on Weekday, defeating the officeholder, Gov. Jon S. Corzine, and striking a snow against the Representative organization on a human coach.

Chris Christie accused Mr. Corzine of directional the commonwealth into scheme turmoil, stinging out Mr. Corzine by roughly quadruplet percentage points.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie victory was a surprising outcome to a bruising and bitter fought contend that oft descended into personal attacks by both candidates. Tho' the venture focused mainly on topical issues, including a statewide immorality dirt, Republicans across the state were fast to play Mr. Christie's win as a conclusion for Presidentship Obama, who was in the say effort for Mr. Corzine conscionable a few days ago.
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