If you have difficulties in finding a marketplace which allows you to sell and buy a lecture notebooks, then Notehall is the best solution.

This marketplace is been found by the students of University of Arizona DJ Stephan, Sadi Chalfoun, Sean Conwayand Justin Miller. This kind of marketplace was unrevealed since from Dreamit Ventures. The website had been continually propagating, expands offers across the wide era of network in United States.


The arrangement is simple. Any individual can sell teaching notes by using Notehall and earn 75 cents and $1 per download. The customers can choose whether earn or purchase credits which can used to get downloads. The credits which can be earned through the associate referrals.

The credits can propose in packages within the most well-known package of 300 credits for $6.99 delivers to the equivalent of 3 teaching guides and twelve teaching notes.
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