The Entourage Season 7 finale are on the way as the producer binded the unlimited ends and complete most story arcs. Which remembered that season six has in own finest recipe of comedy and drama the finale of entourage were all heightened up to the next level of comedy.

Entourage Season 7,Entourage Season 7 Premiere

1) Ari makes Terrence apologize

In a season of heartfelt moments, Ari Gold finally gets his old boss to break down and apologize. Quite possibly Ari’s biggest achievement in six season. Terrence’s line about hoping Ari finds someone to take over his legacy in 50 years was a seminal passing of the torch moment.

2) E and Sloan’s screaming match on the side of the road

Quick and dirty, the scene was packed with honest screaming and emotional reveal. When E said he would marry her right now, Sloan yelled ”Have you even thought about this?” E responds, “Yes, I have.” A typical back-and-forth exchange between arguing lovers. Then E whips it out – an engagement ring. Nice work, E. And the scene was very well-lit.

3) Drama’s tired of rejection speech in the “Melrose Place” audition

It’s always nice to see Johnny Drama eat some humble pie when it comes to his career. His ticking off of his resume looked heartfelt.

4) Lloyd confronts Ari

The Ari-Lloyd battle all season never really made much sense to me, but when Lloyd curses out Ari and Ari apologizes was a short but important moment for Lloyd’s character. And, of course, it ended with a comedic touch.

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