The legendary USA son of socialite Brooke Astor was found out guilty in decieving his mother out of her big luck in a classic trial which turn to a spotlight on abusing his elderly relations.

His son name is Anthony Marshall in which he granted a huge larceny charges, the serious case about robbery. The jurors convict him because he is the one who gives an illegal raise of approximately one million dollars for managing his mother's account.

brooke astor

Eventhough Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Astor may have an ease relationship, well in the defense challenges she realized lately how much she loved her son, which in the end she finally give in her son.

” The prosecution, however, portrayed Mr. Marshall as greedy, saying
that he was driven to squeeze his mother for money at the urging of his wife,
In his closing statement, Joel J. Seidemann, an assistant district
attorney, read from the Book of Psalms: “Do not cast me away when I am old. Do
not forsake me when my strength is gone.”

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