I know some of Tennessee Titans football fans want to know the architecture of this game, then just look below which is Jets opponent for this weekend game report then remember the titans after you've read this.

remember the titans

Pass Offense: 24.3% (14th)
Rush Offense: 2.8% (16th)
Analysis: Although we all saw Chris Johnson go off on the Houston defense last week, the Jets held Johnson in check during their game last season. The only problem here is that in that game, the Jets had Calvin Pace, who did a great job of setting the edge against Johnson, one of the league’s best and fastest rushers outside the tackles. Other than Johnson, the Titans offense is rather pedestrian so far this season, ranking in the middle of the pack. Kerry Collins isn’t going to make a lot of mistakes, but he’s a pure pocket passer, and the Jets have shown this season that they know what to do when they’re up against one of those.

Pass Defense: 56.9% (29th)
Rush Defense: -73.1% (1st)
Analysis: As you can see, there should be a point of emphasis on winning via the air versus the pass which makes for an interesting matchup for Mark Sanchez. Although Houston did their best to force the game into his hands, the Titans aren’t one of the league’s best rush defenses year in and year out by accident. The Jets proved last year that the Titans can be run on, as KC Joyner pointed out on ESPN.com earlier this week. Still, it will probably come down to Sanchez’s ability offensively to win via the pass, not bad when you consider that the Jets passing attack has been very steady so far. Based on how Tennessee grades out versus wideouts (bottom of page), look for the Jets to be successful in getting the ball to Cotchery and Keller and while the team has more of a spread style offense on the field.

Special Teams: -11.1% (31st)
Analysis: Should all else in this game turn into a quagmire, the Jets should win this phase of the game easily. Right now, the Jets are the top unit on specials according to F.O. so should outgain the Titans on kick returns and punts, and pin them deeper on kicks and punts, thus creating a field position advantage for the Jets. Feely has had a good season so far on field goals, and this might be a chance for him to get a good number of field goals if the game turns into a field position battle.
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