This Red Chair Confessions video is so addicted. This weekly short video of a cast that’s been keeping me in anticipation as to what the lady in the video’s true declaration is! In a minute and half of the video implies that her secret is a little bit foul. Something tells my wits that in the last part, it’s going to be somewhat amusing, like having a shoe habit.
In the previous video which is entitled “Forgive Me Father”, the woman confesses to a minister in a confessional cubicle. The second video entitled “Therapeutic” which you have seen below; she confesses to a psychotherapist that she’s had deterioration. The third video which is “Mamma’s Little Secret” entitled was just released recently where she recorded herself while she is in a closet about self-confession.
I’m rushing numerous episodes will present as the opening on the site show a variety of people that would be intimate, such as Friends, Bartender, Shrink, Personal Assistant, Bus Driver, Physic Hotline, Mom, Hairdresser, etc. I think another best intimate would be a pet, like a cat or a dog. This will be a good point of view on the illustration.

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